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First & Last & Always HUD-enabled

March 15, 2015

House of Rain First and Last and Always poster

“Cross my heart with silver… here’s the key behind.”

As we promised earlier this week, First & Last & Always necklaces are now HUD-enabled. Instead of thirteen different separate necklaces, there’s now only one, and it comes with a colour-change HUD of thirteen gem colours. There’s only silver as the metal colour, because the necklace is named after the song by The Sisters of Mercy, and that’s how they wrote it.

Show something has hold of your heart with First & Last & Always. This haunting necklace features a cabachon gemstone heart, chained by a silver lock, with the skeleton key dangling below it.

Please note that the necklace will appear no-mod in your inventory. This is because of the colour-change script. The necklace itself is unrigged mesh and perfectly modifiable.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. L295.

Find First & Last & Always inworld.
Find First & Last & Always on Marketplace.


Daggers Boots

February 23, 2015

Daggers shoe template hud enabled

Daggers are the sharpest boots on the grid. The toe and sole emphasize the curve of the foot, the length of the boot provides support for your ankles, the extra daggers from the strap simply gleam of attitude. These are the boots for the sharp goths, for the roleplay assassins, for anyone enjoying stiletto heels actually sharp enough to use as a weapon.

The boots include a colour-change HUD that lets you change the colour of the leather and laces into thirteen different ones separately and the metal parts (daggers, eyelets, buckles) into three different ones.

Please note that the boots will appear no-mod in your inventory. This is because of the colour-change script. The boots themselves are perfectly modifiable. They are unrigged mesh and can be resized, repositioned and tinted as you wish.

The boots come with an alpha, but in case you’re a Slink-user, the Slink alpha works fine with the boots, no need to switch.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. L395.

Find Daggers Boots inworld.
Find Daggers Boots on Marketplace.

Daggers by You Shriek