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Ouija in the Fallen Gods Inc. Anniversary Festival

October 18, 2015

HoR Ouija event SE poster template

Ouija brings you a combination of classic design and an occult allure. The pentagram in the middle of the necklace is chained to skulls and luxurious gemstones, mixing beauty and danger with a definite touch of the otherworldly. Its charm is enhanced by accompanying earrings, echoes of the gemstones to complete your look.

The jewelry is available in the Fallen Gods Inc. 8th Anniversary Festival in Selidor, where over 40 creators have gathered to form a market to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Fallen Gods Inc., this year in the spirit of Infinity.

The event exclusive pack has both the earrings and the necklace in one set combination of colours: teal, gold and black, the signature colours of Fallen Gods Inc. In addition to the exclusive set both the necklace and the earrings are sold separately with a colour-change HUD. There’s 13 different gems, four different metals for chains and rings and for the necklace also six different colours for the skulls and teeth and three for the pentagram itself.

Please note that the texture-change script will make the HUD-versions appear no-mod in inventory, but they are perfectly modifiable. You can resize and reposition them as you wish.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. Materials enabled original mesh.

Prices are: necklace L295, earrings L195, event exclusive set L175.

Visit the Fallen Gods Inc. Anniversary Festival Market in Selidor

HoR Ouija necklace poster template

HoR Ouija earrings poster template


Crysania Jewelry (HUD-enabled)

July 29, 2015

HoR Crysania set v2 template

Crysania believe in me….

A jewelry set for long nights and dark longings, Crysania features simple, elegant gothic style in a metallic wire finish. The soft, round, ancient shapes contrast beautifully with the sharp wire, forming delicate illustrations over your skin: shapes with stories.

This is an update to Crysania, making it HUD-enabled so that each piece of jewelry has a colour-change HUD for four different metals.

Crysania is sold as a bracelet, necklace, earrings and as a set that has them all. All the jewelry is unrigged original mesh and therefore easy to resize and reposition as you wish. Please note that the colour-change script will make the items appear no-mod in inventory, but they are perfectly modifiable.

They all come with a colour-change HUD that includes four metallic finishes, giving you essentially a fatpack of jewelry at the price of one!

If you wish to coordinate your look from head to toe, remember that we also have Crysania sandals to decorate your feet!

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer.

Prices are: bracelet L195, earrings L195, necklace L295 and the set L395.

Find Crysania Jewelry on Marketplace.

HoR Crysania earrings v2 template

HoR Crysania bracelets v2 template

HoR Crysania necklace v2 template


The Luxury of Tears Jewelry HUD-enabled

June 20, 2015

LoT set poster HUD

Oh, devils must know the luxury of tears….

Heavy drops of beautiful sadness adorn this jewelry from House of Rain. Three teardrop shaped gemstones run down each piece, with a fourth wrapping around it in elegant style that’s sure to be noticed. This design combines simplicity and clear lines with feminine curves of softness, unique look to mixed melancholia.

The Luxury of Tears is sold as bracelets, necklace, earrings and as a set that has all of them. All the jewelry is unrigged original mesh and therefore easy to resize and reposition as you wish. Please note that the colour-change script will make the items appear no-mod in inventory, but they are perfectly modifiable.

The jewelry comes with colour-change HUD with three colours for the metal and nine for the gemstones, giving you essentially a fatpack of jewelry at the price of one!

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer.

Prices are: bracelet L195, earrings L195, necklace L295 and the set L395.

Find The Luxury of Tears inworld.
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LoT necklace poster HUD
LoT earrings poster HUD
LoT bracelets poster HUD


Daggers Jewelry

February 23, 2015

HoR Daggers set poster template

Daggers are exactly what they state: the elegant shape of the weapon turned into jewelry. The necklace carries a multitude of them together in a chaotic form, and the earrings provide you with a rich backup plan in case things go wrong.

These are perfect for the day when the world makes you hiss, when you need the attitude of weaponized accessories to get you through the day. They would also make absolutely fantastic roleplay jewelry for any rogue or assassin. If you want to complete the look, we have also Daggers Boots to match the jewelry!

All the variations of Daggers include a color change HUD, so you can choose your favourite metals for different parts of the jewelry. The jewelry is unisex and can fit either gender. It is also modifiable and can be resized either manually or with the included resize script.

Originally released at Gothmas by Gaslight 2014, the jewelry is now available in the main store and the Marketplace. The event exclusive bracers and earrings gift are not available anymore, but we do have a new version of the earrings to complete the set. Daggers are available as a necklace, earrings or a set that has both.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer.

Price is L295 for the necklace, L195 for the earrings, L395 for the set.

Find Daggers Jewelry inworld.
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Daggers by You Shriek

HoR Daggers earrings V2 template
HoR daggers necklace poster template


Poisonous Friend v2 (HUD-enabled)

January 26, 2015

House of Rain Poisonous Friend Necklace Poster (hud enabled)

House of Rain Poisonous Friend Bracelet Poster (hud enabled)

“Sometimes I watch her kill 
Cold eyes and no restraint…”

Poisonous Friend jewelry has been updated into the colour-change HUDs! Now you can carry around your own Poisonous Friend and have her match any outfit of yours with ease. Each piece features a bejeweled spider on a delicate web to keep you company, and everyone else on their toes!

Poisonous Friend is perfect jewelry for all the friends of spiders, whether the penchant is due to gothic preferences, roleplay-character’s needs or simply liking the industrious little critters. The bold lines of the web form strong symmetric lines against your skin, crowned by the exquisite details on the little spider.

Poisonous Friend is sold as a bracelet, necklace, earrings and as a complete jewelry set, and comes with colour-change HUDs. There’s thirteen gem colours and three metal colours available to choose from.

The earrings include two designs: the ones seen in the earrings poster and the ones seen in the set poster. The set includes both of these as well in addition to the necklace and the bracelet.

All House of Rain jewelry is resizable, both manually and/or with the included resize script, and can be made to fit petite avatars and tinies. The resize script can be removed/deleted from the jewelry afterwards if so desired. Note that the colour-change scripts will make the items seem no-modify in the inventory, but they are modifiable just fine when worn or rezed.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer.

Prices are: bracelet L195, earrings L195, necklace L295 and the jewelry set L395.

Find The Poisonous Friend inworld.
Find The Poisonous Friend on Marketplace.

House of Rain Poisonous Friend Jewelry Set Poster (hud enabled)

House of Rain Poisonous Friend Earring Poster (hud enabled)


Horror Holiday v2

January 13, 2015

HoR Horror holiday Set poster V2

Horror Holiday jewelry has been upgraded to version 2 with colour-change HUDs. This means you can have all the gazillion earlier options in just one piece! In addition to this the set now includes the bracelets instead of just necklaces and earrings, and their prices have been lowered. There’s never been a reason this good to indulge in luxury!

This is the combination to stun whole crowds, to be the center of attention, the queen of the ball, the court and the grid. The Victorian style has been twisted into a delightful gothic look, draping you all over with gemstones and tiny skulls. In this set you never ask for attention: you command it.

Horror Holiday is an extremely complex set with a lot of parts that can be separately controlled. The gems in the necklace have been separated into three groups, the beads in five. In addition the skulls, stringing and settings can all be controlled separately. All but gems have two colour options, the gems have ten. The earrings have hooks, beads, settings, stringing, skulls, gems and teardrops as separately controllable parts. Gems and teardrops have ten options, the others two. The bracelets have ten gemstones and two options for beads, setting, stringing and skulls.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. The HUDs are copy only. Please note that the jewelry will appear no-mod in the inventory because of the scripts they have, but they can still be resized: both manually and with the killable resize-scripts.

Prices are: necklace L295, bracelets L195, earrings L195, and the set of all of them L395.

Find Horror Holiday v2 inworld.
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HoR Horror holiday Necklace poster V2
HoR Horror holiday Earrings poster V2



Morphine Queen v2

December 27, 2014

morphine queen v2 set termplate

All of Morphine Queen has been updated to include colour-change HUDs. In stead of the earlier different purchase options they are now just one item each with a multitude of options to choose from. This gives you a wonderful amount of customization control and a save in inventory space!

The update includes Morphine Queen jewelry and shoes.

Indulge in the impeccable luxury of Art Deco style!

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morphine queen hud enabled template