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House of Rain Moves to Marketplace Only

July 27, 2015

After careful evaluation of our shopping statistics, House of Rain has become a Marketplace-only store. The vast majority of the sales takes place in the Marketplace and there is no reason to keep the in-world store running.

The in-world store might be gone, but you can find all of our stock in our Marketplace store right here:

Come on in and shop at your own convenience whenever and wherever you wish!



Main Store Unavailable Until World Goth Fair

May 10, 2015

The Cursed sim will close its public access for a few days in preparation of World Goth Fair 2015. The sim will lock down tomorrow night (Monday, May 11th) and will open again when World Goth Fair opens on May 15th, at noon SLT. This means House of Rain main store will also be briefly inaccessible and we apologize for the inconvenience.

In the meanwhile you can shop on our Marketplace!


First & Last & Always Anniversary Sale

March 12, 2015

FLA poster

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the release of First and Last and Always by The Sisters of Mercy. To honor this day we have the necklace named after the song on sale for just 30 lindens! The sale starts now and lasts through Sunday.

Show something has hold of your heart with First & Last & Always. This haunting necklace features a cabachon gemstone heart, chained by a silver lock, with the skeleton key dangling below it. It is 100% unrigged mesh and modifiable either with the enclosed killable script, or manually.

The First & Last & Always necklace comes in 13 stunning gemstone heart variations (but all of them are silver, because that’s how the Sisters of Mercy wrote it.)

The necklaces are sold by the gemstone, but if you are interested in more than just one gem colour, you might consider waiting until Sunday. We are going to release a HUD-enabled version of the necklace that has all the gems in one necklace, priced L295.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer.

Price is L30 per necklace for the duration of the sale.

Find First & Last & Always inworld.
Find First & Last & Always on Marketplace.


House of Rain Has Moved!

March 9, 2015


The main store has moved to Cursed, to settle into fittingly gothic environment. You can find all your daily doses of goth jewelry and shoes in Cursed from now on.

Visit House of Rain in the new main store at Cursed


Black Friday Weekend Sale

November 29, 2013

Port Seraphine has a huge sale for Black Friday! Now is the perfect time to come over and oggle at the new build while enjoying the rush of buying all the things! (And stuff.)

House of Rain, Beautiful Freak, The Muses, Pale Empress, Volstead, Geometry and GALLACTIC have selected items for sale at deep discount. All the sale items will be on a board at the teleport point for each shop.

Senzafine and Paper Moon will have store card sales.  Jalwa is participating in the Skin Addiction Black Friday Promotion and there will be special sales going on in Bilo as well!

The sale will begin on Friday and continue through the weekend until Monday.

Heavy Downpour

Hop over to shop till you drop, Black Friday comes only once a year!

The Muses | Pale Empress | Volstead | Geometry | House of Rain | Beautiful Freak | GALLACTIC | Senzafine | Paper Moon | Bilo | Jalwa


New Group Gift: As Darkness Falls Bracelets in Amber/Gold

March 9, 2013


There’s a new group gift available in House of Rain: As Darkness Falls bracelets in gold and amber! These gothic beauties are an exclusive gemstone-metal combination of the latest release. The amber/gold bracelets are not otherwise for sale, so if you’re not yet a group member, it’s time to join!

Visit House of Rain to join the group.


Valentine’s Gift and Sale

February 15, 2013

HH Vday choker with logo

Happy Valentine’s Day from House of Rain! You can find this Horror Holiday choker completely free in the main store right by the door: go get yours before the V-day is over!

There’s also a sale going on in the store, so have a look around and treat yourself — or your loved ones — some jewelry indulgencies. The sale covers the red and pink versions of December, Poisonous Friend, Vapor, Phoenix, Jawbreaker and First and Last and Always, each of them just 100L until tomorrow!

Find the Valentine’s gift and the sale in world.