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Daggers Boots – a small admin note.

June 7, 2015

Hi Creepypeople-

I just corrected an error with the Daggers boots(the hud version, not the 21 shoe exclusives) and re-sent them to anyone who bought them in the past month.  If you need a corrected pair, just let me know on either my main account or on the House of Rain alt.  (believe me, if you need a fixed pair, you’ll know it.)  Sorry about that- I had fixed a minor hud glitch, but it required a recompile of the shoes. When I did it I forgot to reset the attachment point so they don’t attach correctly. I fixed it as soon as someone reported it.  Anyway, if you need a new set, just let me know and I’ll drop a new pair on you.


-AK (I now return you to your regularly scheduled Sonya.)