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The Luxury of Tears Sandals for 21Shoe

June 20, 2015

LoT Sandals 21shoe template

House of Rain is participating in June’s 21 Shoe with elegance shaped into shoes: the Luxury of Tears sandals for Slink’s high feet. 21 Shoe is an in-store event where you can find wondrous exclusive shoes on two-for-the-price-of-one deal during just two days, starting the 21st of the month. The event is open from midnight to midnight SLT, covering exactly two days, now obviously June 21st and 22nd.

The Luxury of Tears is a pair of sophisticated sandals for Slink high feet. The jewelry entwines your ankles, descending toward your toes in an elegant curlique shape, ending in stunning gemstones that draw the gaze to your feet. These are the luxurious sandals for the summer nights, the fancy ornaments for your feet simply to show them off, the classy decadence taken shape.

If you want to take your look to absolute full completion, remember that we have matching jewelry to go with the sandals: The Luxury of Tears necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

The exclusive two-in-one-deal for 21 Shoe has two different versions, one with gold and one with silver jewelry, the gems matching the chosen fabrics, resulting in colder and warmer variants.

There’s also the regular release of the sandals that comes with a colour-change HUD that has 9 colours for the shoe, 9 different gemstones and three different metal options.

Please note that the shoes in the regular release will appear no-mod in your inventory. This is because of the colour-change script. The shoes themselves are as modifiable as rigged mesh can be: if you wish to tint them, you absolutely can.

These shoes are designed to work with Slink’s high feet: Slink feet are not included.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. The sandals are rigged mesh.

The 21Shoe exclusive versions will become available at midnight SLT on 21st of June.

Price is L295 for the 21Shoe Exclusive pack and L395 for the regular release with the colour-change HUD.

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The Luxury of Tears Jewelry HUD-enabled

June 20, 2015

LoT set poster HUD

Oh, devils must know the luxury of tears….

Heavy drops of beautiful sadness adorn this jewelry from House of Rain. Three teardrop shaped gemstones run down each piece, with a fourth wrapping around it in elegant style that’s sure to be noticed. This design combines simplicity and clear lines with feminine curves of softness, unique look to mixed melancholia.

The Luxury of Tears is sold as bracelets, necklace, earrings and as a set that has all of them. All the jewelry is unrigged original mesh and therefore easy to resize and reposition as you wish. Please note that the colour-change script will make the items appear no-mod in inventory, but they are perfectly modifiable.

The jewelry comes with colour-change HUD with three colours for the metal and nine for the gemstones, giving you essentially a fatpack of jewelry at the price of one!

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer.

Prices are: bracelet L195, earrings L195, necklace L295 and the set L395.

Find The Luxury of Tears inworld.
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LoT necklace poster HUD
LoT earrings poster HUD
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Daggers Boots – a small admin note.

June 7, 2015

Hi Creepypeople-

I just corrected an error with the Daggers boots(the hud version, not the 21 shoe exclusives) and re-sent them to anyone who bought them in the past month.  If you need a corrected pair, just let me know on either my main account or on the House of Rain alt.  (believe me, if you need a fixed pair, you’ll know it.)  Sorry about that- I had fixed a minor hud glitch, but it required a recompile of the shoes. When I did it I forgot to reset the attachment point so they don’t attach correctly. I fixed it as soon as someone reported it.  Anyway, if you need a new set, just let me know and I’ll drop a new pair on you.


-AK (I now return you to your regularly scheduled Sonya.)