Save Your Serpent Jewelry

May 22, 2015

HoR save your serpent necklace poster template

Save Your Serpent jewelry consists of delightfully slithery bracelets and a necklace to both look sharp, and to also suggest that we let our snake-friends keep their skins and use synthetic variants if we wish to mimic their elegant ways. These are a must-have for any goth enjoying their snake scale patterns, especially if they like to have a few snake-friends accompanying them for a walk. If you want to match your snakes from head to toe, remember that we have the perfect shoes to do just that!

Both the necklace and the bracelets come with a colour-change HUD. There’s twelve colours to choose from for the snake, and twelve that control both the eyes and the gem the snake holds in its mouth.

Please note that the jewelry will appear no-mod in your inventory. This is because of the colour-change script. The jewelry itself is perfectly modifiable original unrigged mesh and can be resized and repositioned as you wish. You could even adorn your legs or upper arms with snakes should you wish to!

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer.

Originally released at World Goth Fair 2015, Save Your Serpent jewelry is now available both in the main store and the Marketplace.

Price is L295 for the necklace, L195 for the bracelets.
There will also be a set with both bracelets and the necklace in it for L395. It’s not out yet, but will be very soon.

Find Save Your Serpent jewelry inworld.
Find Save Your Serpent Jewelry on Marketplace.

HoR save your serpent bracelet poster template

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