Daggers Jewelry

February 23, 2015

HoR Daggers set poster template

Daggers are exactly what they state: the elegant shape of the weapon turned into jewelry. The necklace carries a multitude of them together in a chaotic form, and the earrings provide you with a rich backup plan in case things go wrong.

These are perfect for the day when the world makes you hiss, when you need the attitude of weaponized accessories to get you through the day. They would also make absolutely fantastic roleplay jewelry for any rogue or assassin. If you want to complete the look, we have also Daggers Boots to match the jewelry!

All the variations of Daggers include a color change HUD, so you can choose your favourite metals for different parts of the jewelry. The jewelry is unisex and can fit either gender. It is also modifiable and can be resized either manually or with the included resize script.

Originally released at Gothmas by Gaslight 2014, the jewelry is now available in the main store and the Marketplace. The event exclusive bracers and earrings gift are not available anymore, but we do have a new version of the earrings to complete the set. Daggers are available as a necklace, earrings or a set that has both.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer.

Price is L295 for the necklace, L195 for the earrings, L395 for the set.

Find Daggers Jewelry inworld.
Find Daggers Jewelry on Marketplace.

Daggers by You Shriek

HoR Daggers earrings V2 template
HoR daggers necklace poster template


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