Morphine Queen Shoes

December 27, 2014

morphine queen hud enabled template

Morphine Queen delights in the strong Art Deco design, made feminine with exquisite details. The shoes work both for classic vintage style as well as forming a strong statement in a refined fashion. Its strongly geometric structure and shapes are softened by the metals’ almost understated colouring and ornamentation.

They match the earlier releases of Morphine Queen jewelry perfectly and help in creating a complete Art Deco look of vintage luxury and impeccable style.

Every step in these shoes is one of class and elegance, every pose polished and perfect, every moment one of rich indulgent aura.

A copy-only HUD is included that will allow you to change the shoes in three places, creating an enormous number of possible combinations. There are two metals, five pearl and twenty three silk options available on the HUD.

These shoes are designed to work with Slink’s medium height feet: Slink feet are not included. Please try a demo.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. L395.

Find Morphine Queen Shoes in-world.
Find Morphine Queen Shoes on the Marketplace.


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