Poisonous Friend Shoes at Gothmas by Gaslight

December 15, 2014

poisonous friend GxG exc, shoe template

Poisonous Friend is perfect accessory of choice for all the friends of spiders, whether the penchant is due to gothic preferences, roleplay-character’s needs or simply liking the industrious little critters. The bold lines of the web are mimicked and enhanced by the shoe straps, forming strong symmetric lines against your skin, crowned by the exquisite details on the little spider.

Poisonous Friend shoes match the earlier release of Poisonous Friend jewelry perfectly and if you wish to form a completely matching look of spiderwebbed accessories, visit the main store to pick the jewelry of your choice.

The regular release comes with a colour-change HUD: thirteen colours for gems and three for metals to customize your shoes as you wish and to fit any outfit you might be wearing.

These shoes are designed to work with Slink’s high feet: Slink feet are not included.

There’s an event exclusive version available in festive reds and blacks. They don’t have a HUD, but are fit to decorate your feet for any Gothmas celebration. The event exclusive is exactly what it says and will not be sold again after Gothmas.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer.

Price is L395 for the shoes with the HUD, and L295 for the event exclusive ones.

Visit Gothmas by Gaslight to Purchase Poisonous Friend Shoes.

poisonous friend shoe template



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