Decadencia Boots

September 16, 2014

Decadencia boots poster with logo and info

Decadencia boots are dieselgoth boots at their best: proper stompers for marching where you will, adorned by chains and detailed metal bats. These are a must-have pair whether you’re into diesel or more traditional goth with a love for shiny things and big boots. They translate well into diesel uniforms but also stand out on their own in any strong look.

The boots go beautifully together with the Decadencia necklaces and Decadencia brooches.

The boots have been updated into v2 with a colour-change script. It gives you a mind-blowing amount of customization control over the boots. There’s six leather colours for upper, back and trim of the boots. Two versions for the sole, chains, eyelets and laces and eight different metals for the bats. Please try a demo.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. Price is L395.

Originally released for A Clockwork Spiral, you can now find Decadencia boots both in the main store and the Marketplace.

Find Decadencia inworld.
Find Decadencia on the Marketplace.

Decadencia ACS 2014 boots poster with logo and info

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