House of Rain at Fantasy Faire

May 1, 2014

Melt set poster template

House of Rain brings Melt sets and Vapor necklaces for both genders to the Faire. Melt is the ultimate sorceress jewelry, easily styled also to historical Egyptian looks where as Vapor is more delicate and romantic, fitting the elven-kind with ease.

All House of Rain jewelry is resizable, both manually and/or with the included, killable resize script, and can be made to fit petite avatars and tinies.

Vapor is available in three metals: gold, silver and black, with ten different gemstones to choose from. There’s differently shaped version for men and women. RFL vendors have ruby/silver version for women and sapphire/gold one for men, each L200.

Melt sets include both necklaces and earrings. There’s 12 different gemstone options in three different metals: gold, silver or black. RFL vendor has garnet/silver version for L500.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. Vapor is L250 per necklace, Melt L550 per set.

Visit House of Rain at Fantasy Faire: you can find us in Mourningvale Thicket.

vapor poster template womens

vapor poster template mens


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