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She and Decadencia Brooches

October 15, 2013

She brooch poster with logo and info

House of Rain brought two different brooches for Genre’s Steampunk round: a delightful clockwork spider and a bat of attitude!

She has delicate gears forming the body of the engineered pretty critter, the joints carefully tinkered to hold onto you and to decorate you better. Perhaps She is your own invention, perhaps She is a spytool sent to keep an eye on you, perhaps She is a steampunk era familiar disguising as jewellery: the choice is yours!

Decadencia is a delicately wrought bat of attitude, worn as a decoration, a symbol, an exclamation. The detailed metalwork makes it perfect for dieselgoth style, the tiny details giving an idea of it all having been welded together by hand. It’s a unisex piece, able to adorn either gender for bats don’t care about such things: only if you are bold enough to pull this look off!

She comes in twelve different versions: six in silver, six in gold. Decadencia has been updated into v2 with a colour change script. The HUD allows you to choose between eight different metal colours for the bat.

All House of Rain jewelry is resizable, both manually and/or with the included, killable resize script, and can be made to fit petite avatars and tinies. No templates are ever used to create House of Rain jewelry. All meshes are custom made. The colour-change script will make the brooch seem no-mod, but don’t let it fool you: just edit or resize away as you wish.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. Price is L175 for She, L195 for Decadencia.

Originally released for Genre’s steampunk round, you can now find both brooches both in the main store and the Marketplace.

Find She and Decadencia brooches inworld.
Find She on the Marketplace. | Find Decadencia on the Marketplace.

Decadencia brooch poster HUD version