Bring on the Dancing Horses Necklaces

June 20, 2013

HoR BOtDH necklace

House of Rain brings on the dancing horses to delight your summer. The classic design combined with the seahorses results in a look that is both elegant and playful at the same time. You can wear it both to a party or to the beach, you can add it to any summer look and prove that sophistication does not need to be so very serious. Obviously this is also the necklace of choice to any mermaids out there: originally sold at Under the Sea Expo, now available normally.

The necklaces are either silver or gold, both have ten different gems to choose from, twenty different combinations available. The special editions Abyss and Reef  were expo exclusives and are not for sale anymore.

All House of Rain jewelry is resizable, both manually and/or with the included, killable resize script, and can be made to fit petite avatars and tinies. No templates are ever used to create House of Rain jewelry. All meshes are custom made.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. The price is L300.

Now that Under the Sea Expo is over, the horses have danced their way both to the main store and the Marketplace.

Find Bring on the Dancing Horses inworld.
Find Bring on the Dancing Horses on Marketplace.

HoR BOtDH silver SE necklace

HoR BOtDH gold SE necklace


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