House of Rain at Oopskate

June 15, 2013

HoR Bare Your Teeth bracelet poster with logo and info

House of Rain brings a fittingly whimsical Bare Your Teeth bracelet to Oopskate, which is both a birthday party for Axi Kurmin’s cat, Rupert, and one-day annual charity event with changing charities. This year the charity benefits Toby.

You can read more about the event here, but the nutshell is that it’s a party today (June 15th), starting at 10PM SLT. DJ Bronxelf will be the DJ as is appropriate since Rupert is her cat, theme is  Best in Orange since it matches Rupert, there’s a giant box of prizes for the winner and special items for the event for sale today, including the above bracelet.

Permissions are copy/mod/no-transfer. The price is L200, two bracelets included.

Come join the party at 10PM SLT or shop around the day at The Club Gothika Ooprink!

Ashbury Heights – Bare Your Teeth


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