House of Rain at Fantasy Faire

April 20, 2013

Deliverance with logo

Deliverance is a new release for Fantasy Faire, three cords held together by tiny bird skulls, one looking ahead, one behind. Who knows, maybe they hold the ghosts of your dead companions in them. The cords hold also a spur to speed your way. This is a perfect unisex necklace for slightly darker roleplayers. There’s nine different colours available, the brown one is a RFL item.

LoTFF setposter with logo

The Luxury of Tears has been re-modeled and repacked especially for the Faire. The sets include the necklace, earrings and bracelets. There’s ten colours available and the RFL version –special red dragon scale — will be an exclusive to the Faire and not sold afterwards.

jawbreakerFF2013 with logo

Jawbreaker provides you with enough attitude to do just that. The deer’s jawbone holds a single gemstone at the hinge, hanging asymmetrically for added interest. There’s seven colours available at the Faire, the turquoise one benefits RFL.


Horror Holiday sets are the perfect choice whether you wish to drape yourself in Victorian jewelry or play the part of a rich villain who knows how to dress! The sets include necklace and earrings and are available in ten colours. The pearl/jet/silver one benefits RFL.

Fantasy Faire is open now and runs until April 28th. House of Rain can be found in the same booth as The Muses, in Crimson Fields.


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