Bonedance Necklaces.

January 16, 2013


bonedance necklace poster

Just like the Bonedance pocketwatch, just in necklace form…

Time is fleeting.

Bring your own memento mori along with the Bonedance necklace. This elegant timepiece is 100% unrigged mesh and modifiable either with the enclosed killable script, or manually.
This is a working watch. It will default to SL time, but can be changed to any time zone using the simple notecard contained within the watch.

The Bonedance necklace comes in 11 stunning gemstone and metal combinations.

(and just like the watch, the name comes from the song of the same name by iVardensphere. Because, iVardensphere.)

Find the Bonedance necklace inworld.
Find the Bonedance necklace on Marketplace.


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