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House of Rain gets Unhinged.

November 18, 2012

House of Rain is one of the sponsors of the Unhinged Festival, now taking place at Port Seraphine and Waterworks.  It’s a gacha, shopping and music event designed to raise money for our friend Eku Zhong, who needs a prosthetic piece of jaw in order to save her skull (and life), which has been compromised during the course of cancer treatment and surgery.

This is not merely a cosmetic problem. Her skull has become so fragile that if the bone continues to disintegrate, it stands a chance of lifting and going into her brain. She must have this bone replaced.

The prosthetic must be custom made, obviously, and the up front cost of that manufacturing process is expensive.  Her friends have come together in an attempt to raise that money for her.

House of Rain has four different, new products on sale now at Unhinged. 3 of them will be available in the store and on Marketplace once the festival has ended in mid December, though they will be more expensive than they are now.   The fourth will be pulled once the festival is over, and will not be available after that, so if you want it, you need to buy it now.
The Unhinged Festival is on now, and will last through December 15 (just in time for the opening of Gothmas by Gaslight. I might add.)

As to what’s available:
First, there’s Bonedance.

Bonedance is a working watch. It will default to SL time, but can be adjusted to display any time zone you like via the included notecard. The prize comes with both the necklace AND the pocketwatch version in one. The ruby and the jet are rare.

Next up is First and Last and Always.  I suppose it was an inevitability that I eventually got around to naming something for a Sisters of Mercy song. The first version of this was a Special Edition that was created for Oopskate 2012. These have been reworked, and come in a full range of colors.

“Cross my heart with silver, here’s the key behind…”

The key in this case is a tiny skeleton key, complete with a skull at the top. It features a heart shaped polished cabachon gemstgone, and is wrapped with silver chains, lock and key.

The ruby and snowflake obsidian are rare.

The next necklace wasn’t actually my idea, it was Cruel Britannia’s, who tossed it at me to run with, so I did. It’s called Jawbreaker, and it’s very unisex, so anyone can wear it easily. The rares are jet and lapis.

Finally, there’s Laughing Bloody Murder. There’s only five of these and they’re exclusive to the event. Once it’s over, I’m not selling them, so if you want one, you’d best get down there and get one. The rare is a fatpack containing all five necklaces.

Other than the Laughing Bloody Murder, which I’m pulling after the festival, the others will be in the store and on Marketplace after the festival, but the price will be higher- so if you want to grab one less expensively, Unhinged is the place to do it.
To learn more about the Unhinged Festival, direct your browser here:

To head directly to the shopping:

To head directly to the music venue: Second Life Maps | WaterWorks