October 10, 2012


Stranglehold poster 2013b

…all my hope is gone in this stranglehold….

Sometimes, “choker” is a literal thing. This one features skeletal hands clutching the throat with a single teardrop gemstone wedged between the fingers. Perfect for Halloween, or for those of us who are just that creepy all the time, as a year round staple.  But since it is Halloween, the price on Marketplace for this new release is currently set to 100L through the end of the month, and the fatpack of all 14 colors is 1200L.

It’s like gothmas come early. Or something.

All House of Rain jewelry is resizable, both manually and/or with the included, killable resize script, and can be made to fit petite avatars and tinies.

No templates are used to make House of Rain jewelry. All pieces are made from custom mesh and textures.

Stranglehold comes in 14 spooky colors and a fatpack.   For those who like to try their luck, all the Stranglehold chokers (and the fatpack) are also in a gacha at the House of Rain inworld store, as well.  The ones on MP are copy/mod/no trans, while the ones in the gacha are no copy/mod/trans, and are 50L less than on MP.

Find Stranglehold inworld.
Find Stranglehold on Marketplace.

(as happens this song is so new, the official release isn’t even out yet, but someone recorded Grooving in Green doing it live in London over the summer. Thanks to General Megatron Bison for the idea. <3)


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  1. […] and dainty could turn so deadly, well besides me anyway.  The necklace is one of my favorites from House of Rain (blog), the Stranglehold Choker, diamond.  Available in many different colors and I’ve been told by […]

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